Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Elle Muñoz-Diaz Advertising Art Direction

Chasing Calm

Fine Art
Publication Design
Social Change

Last semester, I spent a lot of time on a project mapping negative romantic experiences, as they appear in my head. One of the experiences within my project, was a traumatic experience I had been avoiding With my thesis project I wanted to explore this idea of traumatic experiences, the way they impact, and how to translate them to others creating empathy.

In the early iterations of the project, I had planned on creating an experiential site-specific performance piece. Due to COVID, my initial plans had to be changed. The project went through many different deliverables, before landing on an art book.

When editing the book aloud, I realized I could still have the performance I had initially wanted. The first section of the book is made of my personal experience, and the second/third section is made up of anonymous stories that also deserve a voice to tell their story. While the book still functions as an experience, it is only half of the work with my reading of it being the other half.

During my research survey, there were too many people who felt like they would not be cared for or empathized with if they were open about what happened to them, and if they had they were seen as less than. This project is meant to create a sense of empathy and dignity for those who have or are dealing with trauma.