Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Cori Jean Graphic Design


Digital Product Design
Interface Design
Social Change
UX Design

How can design be applied to influence community engagement and physical awareness? What if design could help ease social barriers and first encounters? The ideas explored here could be adapted for any number of needs, but in this case has been applied to a gym setting.

I’m an active member of the fitness community myself. I’ve observed mindset barriers preventing people from connecting with others or reaching their full potential. This app is a tool to encourage moving past these barriers, or “break the ice.” It eases those awkward first encounters with a few quick games of tic-tac-toe to help get the conversation going. But, we’re not just about creating connections in the virtual world. That’s why Turf is a brand for people to connect with and sells merchandise for its members to show off their participation. Products like the Turf Gradient Hydro Flask symbolize those who value awareness of the mind and body. They generate an initial talking point, encouraging people to stop and interact with like-minded people around them.

Turf brings a colorful, softer new look to the fitness scene. When first joining the Turf community you’re asked a series of questions and introduced to others with similar interests. Once your profile is set up, you can make entries in a timeline to track progress and choose to share with the community or keep it private. Turf is a tool for your own benefit. With its inviting and energetic presence, Turf can facilitate people’s changed relationships with fitness, nutrition, their community, and even themselves.