Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Cooper Ronan Illustration


Editorial design
Environmental graphics
Fine Art

In my work I like to focus on building characters that create a story just by looking at them. In the past I have mainly focused this character building on portraits or on specific people, how they hold themselves, the way they dress and their general demeanor. What has always been in the back of my mind is the way a person creates their own environment in the same way.

Growing up, I would constantly be carted to trade shows and antique fairs and wouldn't be able to pass by a tag sale, with my mom, without going in. My mom showed me how antiques could be a time capsule where every piece of dirt has a story and even the areas that have faded could have beauty and trace back to the objects life. My mother, as well as being in love with the beauty of antiques and different objects, is a jewelry designer and owner of a company with the apt name, Elements. Having gone to college for interior design, she is obsessed with creating an environment in which her jewelry may shine.

This passion bleeds seamlessly into everything she touches including the home I grew up in, indoctrinating me into this way of thinking. She showed me how to create an environment that speaks, telling a story of who you are. The same way one can create a character one can create an environment. With this knowledge I gained about the environments we create I want to focus on the home.