Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Clara Martin Advertising Art Direction


Sound production

Smut is a cheeky and explicit art and design platform that features digitally animated posters. These can be found on Smut’s own website as well as its Instagram. Smut releases a new series of animated posters every month with each series revolving around a different theme. In this series, Smut goes into chaos mode by delving into the topic of disasters. Its content is highly shareable and highly relatable often referring to contemporary media and relevant news to create an atmosphere of humor and commentary on our world today. The Smut style consists of bold collages and colors, camp typography and design and uses cheesy language to draw its viewers. The website also reflects this style with its exaggerated features and prompts. Users can buy printed versions of their favorite posters to display in their own worlds. They can also share the animated posters as gifs to shout out to their friends how they’re feeling. These can be posted on social media, sent via email or used in any which way. Ingest the Smut and pass it along. As for how Smut can evolve, it can be a more collaborative platform in which many and various artists and creators can visualize a theme and have it displayed on the Smut website. Smut could also, one day, have its own printed magazine or digital magazine that talks about pop culture, people and everything in between. Always with good humor.