Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Catlyn Smith Graphic Design


Social Change

for this thesis i’m going to allow myself to be completely vulnerable… i’d be lying if i said this doesn’t make me extremely nervous. i’m planning to create a visual book strategically addressing my struggles with mental health. it will sort of put you in my head of struggles visually. some days i feel things so intensely, other days my life feels like the most bland fucking thing that i want absolutely nothing to do with. i’m doing this because i’ve previously tried to do work about my mental health, but i wasn’t satisfied with the end results and i feel it’s time we truly stop treating mental health/illness as such a taboo.

i’ve been struggling with not demonizing myself for having struggles out of my control and it’s by far one of the hardest things i’ve been doing. it’s so hard not being aware of my own altering realities and it’s beyond frustrating not being able to fully put what i’m experiencing into words. it’s so easy to revert to silence amid my confusion because what in the fuck is there to say about something you yourself don’t fully understand?