Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Carly Short Advertising Art Direction



The energy drink. My greatest ally, my #1 supporter… my muse, if you will. Whether it’s working until dawn, trying to stay awake in class (it’s the thought that counts), or getting a boost throughout my day, I couldn’t do it without ridiculous amounts of caffeine. So I decided to brand my own energy drink.

During my research phase, I sent out several rounds of survey questions to participants asking them why they drink energy drinks, what they tend to drink (regarding ingredients, caffeination level, etc.), and also how they feel when they drink them.

One thing was for sure: people can get annoying when they comment on the energy drink you’ve got with you. As per the words of my respondents, people might say: “those are bad for you”, “it’s bad”, and “they are bad for you” while ALL they’re doing is drinking their can of magical power juice. Who would say such a thing…

“its my mum saying i will end up getting problems”.

But you know who won’t give you shit? Cool grandma Agnes, who never bothered you about eating that raw cookie dough… because she’s the one who taught you to do it.

At the end of the day, you’re lucky if you have a guilty pleasure or two… because agnes comes in multiple flavors - all with a lockable lid that lets you enjoy your liquid vigor at whatever pace you’d like.