Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Camila Gisela Chorro Figueroa Graphic Design

El Salvador's History Through The Lens of Family Experience

Education Design
Interface Design
Social Change

El Salvador’s 20th century history is marked by political and economical instability that led the country to a devastating civil war in the . Gang violence, striking poverty and waves of immigration to the United States are some consequences of the war. In order to create a better understanding of El Salvador’s present situation, we need to learn the past history that explains the current struggles the country and it’s people face. As a person whose family immigrated to the United States, I have noticed the general negative perception that exists towards Salvadoran immigrants. Misinformation has led to dangerous stereotypes and generalizations that reflect poorly on El Salvador.

As a way to create awareness on El Salvador’s complicated story my thesis focused on exploring the country’s 20th century history through the lens of my family experience. I conducted thorough research through library searches, documentaries and lectures on the country’s history, focusing on the social and economic status and events leading up to the civil war. I also conducted interviews to several family members to get their personal experiences during these events, specifically focusing on the effects they had on our family. I created a website with a detailed timeline that shows the significant dates that helped shape El Salvador as we know it today, as well as how the Chorro family story fits within the bigger picture. By adding my family’s history I hope to create a better understanding of El Salvador and it’s people as well as help change the general negative perception.