Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Caitlin Collins Advertising Art Direction


Identity Design
Product Design
Social Change

Bandages are something we begin using at a young age and continue to use throughout every stage of our lives. Casts, fabric bandages, gauze, medical tape and the traditional strip bandages are all something that are part of our shared human experience. For that reason I believe that bandages should be made to be inclusive and affordable to everyone. Through my thesis I explored how “Band-Aids” and bandages as a whole are an example of a consumer product that subtly (or not so subtly) reinforces the othering of people who don’t fit into the caucasian “norm” from an incredibly young age.

Informed by research, surveys, and interviews I created a brand and branding system to tackle the first aid care industry’s exclusion and provide options that are designed for everyone, and able to be produced in a sustainable and cost efficient manner.

Going by the name stiks, my result was a bandage brand that focuses on a products made with everyone in mind. My mission is to fill the shelves with high quality and dependable products that give everybody the feeling that they are seen through a range of 16 flesh tone options. Stiks offers an array of waterproof and sustainable bandages, gauze wrap and medical tape at the highest quality and best value. The tone of stiks is familiar, simple and trustworthy. It is a brand that can be counted on during any phase of life, bringing comfort and healing to the moments of hurt.