Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Baoxian Zhong Illustration

Delight Magazine


Food is important for everyone, food makes me happy. Delight Magazine is 24 pages illustrated magazine painted digitally. I named the magazine Delight because food brings happiness. The magazine design was inspired by the idea “What should I eat during COVID-19 ?”. The idea of make it into a magazine format was inspired by some food magazines. The magazine combines my variety style of paintings. The dishes mentioned in the magazine are all important dishes in my life, which can carry my memories. I am a starter cook, I know a little about cooking, so isolation in COVID-19 forced me to cook for myself. Therefore, the dishes I introduced in the magazine is easy to cook. Most of the dishes are Chinese food based on my hometown in Northern China. The story is my personal experience and what I usually eat in daily life.

I refer to the composition and content of general food magazines, such as recipes and advertisements. I interviewed my family and friends about the cooking process and transfer them to my project. I hope my works can arouse the readers’ memory of special dishes. This story about food can go on and on and I hope to interview more people in the future to record more unique stories about food. I can polish this idea better and hope to have the opportunity to find someone who is good at writing to cooperate with in the future.