Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Ashlie Glasper Illustration

Objects and Memories

Editorial Design

The idea for my senior thesis was initially inspired by a music artist named EDEN. The two songs of his that I was looking into specifically are titled “909” and “love, death, and distraction”. Both of these videos have beautiful imagery and while they are different, the songs and their videos have similar themes. The themes that I have identified in these videos are memories, loss, and regret. In my thesis, I explore these themes by depicting the attachment that humans form to the everyday objects that they own. Each image in my thesis is illustrating a story about an object that someone lost which had meaning to them. To get these stories, I contacted friends and family members and asked them all the same question, “Was there ever a meaningful object in your life that you lost?” I took these memories that were shared with me and expressed them through acrylic paintings. I would like to continue this project, and one day see all of the images put together and displayed as a book.