Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Anna Nieves Rosario Marcelo Graphic Design

(Re)Discovering Filipino Graphic Design

Education Design
Identity Design
Social Change
Social Media

In most design institutions, there is a strong influence of western European aesthetics and graphic design as the basis for what is good and bad in design. The grid system, the rules of typography, and other design “standards” point to a history of mainly white western european graphic designers. These rules and ideologies in western design can differ greatly from non-western European influenced design. These minority groups in design can end up as outsiders as they reside outside of these “good” standards. In turn, groups face a lack of representation (if not misrepresented or flattened). To combat this, this thesis is about preserving Filipino design by creating a space where Filipino design can be documented without the restrictions by colonial authority.

The main goal of this thesis is to create an accessible tool through an online and collaborative database of Filipino graphic design for designers both inside and outside the Filipino community to use as a reference. It is important for it to be a reference that resides outside of Western origin and authority. The database organizes, systematizes, and deconstructs Filipino graphic design into different design techniques by the use of crowd-sourcing, collaboration and community within the Filipino community. The information gathered becomes a tool for the reader to engage and (re)discover Filipino graphic design from different perspectives and voices.

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