Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Anastasia Eren Advertising Art Direction

Sex Discrimination

Education Design

Everyday, there are numerous “subtle” cases of sexual harassment. Oftentimes, we are told “it’s not a big deal” and are left feeling invalidated and dehumanized. This may happen to anyone whether in a workplace or social relationship. Every person can describe their experience in a different way; some are able to recognize the issue and some can be completely oblivious of what has happened, what the victim has experienced or what the crime has been committed. Given these different perspectives on sexaul harassment and to really understand why sexual harassment is normalized in our social lives, I looked into it’s history and gathered the latest information in a book.

After extensive research for my thesis, looking into the harassment laws and reading the Short History of Sexaul Harassment written by Cathhaiune A. Mackinnon and Reva B. Siegel, I created a branding project where I compiled information on sexual harassment laws, state by state, and the above mentioned harasssment history article. With this, I plan to reach out to lawmakers, legislative branch and politicians, who are reluctant to take an action to improve prohobition of sexual harassment. The book that I designed is inspired by Russian Constructivism with its colors and strong typography along with historical sexual harassment protest images to generate reaction and interest. By engraving text, shape of the states and using wall texture on each page, I emphasize the problems that lay in the roots of each state’s law. I believe there is still room for further progress in the laws that are supposed to protect us. By increasing awareness through similar campaign projects and public education, I hope to accelerate the on going #metoo movement’s positive impact.