Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Ami Cai Illustration

Red River Comic

Character Design
Concept Art

Red River is an ongoing comic series inspired by personal topics: asian representation, female diversity, and learning about new cultures. These aspects that become major elements of my life ended up becoming the collection of stories that make up this world.

In overview, Red River is an adventure narrative of action and justice, focusing on the layered plot and strong female characters. Our main character has entered into a world completely contrasting of her life in the fields, in hopes to learn and understand the diversity of society.

My first semester of senior year was focusing on creating a collection of concept illustrations demonstrating key moments that would be potential chapter indicators. In the second semester, I focused on creating the first chapter of this series where we learn more about each of these characters personally and how they were forced to start their adventure. Where it all started. Feel free to keep up to date on the current website that I’ll be uploading finished pages onto