Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Amanda Hackett Illustration


Character Design

Friendly forest creature Sprout has been stuck inside a cave, worrying incessantly about his bonsai and how it seems to never grow. With your encouragement and a streak of courage, Sprout ventures off into the unknown. Join Sprout as they meet other forest critters dealing with their own anxieties and learn how to help them flourish!

I wanted to use my thesis project as an opportunity to educate myself on various aspects of anxiety, reflect on how anxiety impacts myself and those around me, and learn coping mechanisms to provide relief to those living with anxiety. Based around this, I decided to embark on creating an illustrated children’s book to help teach them about recognizing and coping with anxiety. Each lesson will be allegorically carried out by a key character facing a stressful situation, which the main character, Sprout, will encounter and subsequently assist them with.

I ended up with 11 traditionally inked and digitally colored illustrations and around 28 storyboard sketches planned for 6 chapters in the book. I hope that I can continue working on this project in the future!