Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Alistair Lambert Chew Advertising Art Direction

Offagain Intimates: A Study of Desire, Intimacy and Lingerie Production and Advertising as it Pertains to Queer Male, Genderfluid, Nonbinary and Transmasculine Bodies.

Editorial design
Environmental graphics
Identity design
Social media
Sound production

Through an examination of the current landscape for masc-leaning intimate wear, the advertising surrounding lingerie and underwear marketing at large, as well as in-depth surveys and interviews with over 300 participants, Offagain Intimates addresses the areas lacking in the market. Conceived as an opportunity to create intimate wear more accessible to masc-leaning identities, the project creates a holistic view by using data, research and analysis as the points to which all aspects begin. The deliverables for the brand include 12 unique products designed through the analysis of eye tracking software examining the male and masc-leaning forms, a brand identity with in-depth brand strategy and guidelines in a brand book, label and packaging designs, point of sale designs including an e-commerce store and renderings of a boutique layout with interactive experiences, physical and social media campaigns, and a research document that spans the entirety of the project.

The main objective for the project was to create a brand of intimate wear that was more accessible to queer men, gender fluid individuals, non-binary identities, and transmasculine individuals, that carved a niche of “sexy” in the market that existed outside the purview of kink and did not evolve out of a dependency on the language created by femme-lingerie.

Offagain and the research that created it is a necessary step to the normalization of all individuals feeling sexy and confident in their own skin. Thank you, and enjoy.

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