Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Alexis (Yunqi) Zheng Graphic Design


Character Design
Game Design
Social Change
Sound Production
Type Design

The coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, spiraled out of control in early . By then, the general public’s awareness of the epidemic situation is still in the shallow stage; they have not yet been fully alert to the coronavirus, and have not taken appropriate preventive and quarantine measures, which has further worsened the epidemic situation. The outbreak immediately had a ripple effect around the world, which had a severe impact on the Chinese economy and public health during the Chinese New Year holiday. The thesis project will be a virus simulation browser game. Decisions made by players from the perspective of a Wuhan citizen will lead to different final simulation results. This game directly reflects the rapid spread of the virus and the series consequences of irresponsible personal behaviors as to raise people’s awareness of the epidemic, strengthen self-protection, and prevent further deterioration of the epidemic.

The statement above was my original Thesis idea.

However, as the pandemic spreading, it completely changed my life in NY and had to go back to China. On , I got a phone call from Infection Sanitary Department, telling me that my flight seat is close to that confirmed case and asked all my information, saying that they will stay in touch with my quarantine hotel and me. I never felt this close to the virus. Though my first 2 COVID-19 tests are negative, there is still a chance that I’m carrying it. Therefore, I want to change the narrative of my project to a personal perspective. And make a video with photos, videos, and screenshots on my phone, documenting my trip and my quarantine life.