Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Adonis Fuentes Advertising Art Direction

Visual Programm

Publication Design
Type Design

Design in the information age has changed how we distribute and communicate information; the digital design tools revolutionized how designers today create and produce their work. This thesis addresses the following questions: How has design software changed the way we work? And how will we preserve our work and process today?, I studied four practices semantics, gestalt, philosophy, engineering, and their relationship to the design process. I explored the designer’s practices and methods between digital design (concrete) and traditional tools (analogous). My thesis shows how design tools, separate the designer from the creative process prioritizing values such as efficiency and technique that do not support future creative practices.

I designed 32 various glyphs and developed one cohesive typeface, in relationship to the tools that I used to produce the work. The monograph is the result of my research on the creative process and my collected research into one cohesive observational study. I argue that the unification of both concrete and analogous forms of working should be utilized in a state of balance, and the tools which bridge a gap between the two practices alter the work and processes of the designer.