Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Zöe Kelly Illustration

Imaginary Creatures

Character Design
Concept Art
Visual Development

My project revolves around the creation and development of 3 imaginary creatures; a sea monster, a cloud sheep, and a dog made out of a forest log. These characters are born from ideas I’ve had in the past, and imagined up with both friends and family.

In my work I focus heavily on shape and silhouette, which I apply to the character exploration process. Their design explorations are also greatly inspired by research into their hypothetical environments and the creatures that already live there. The sea monster design draws inspiration from both tropical fish and birds, the cloud sheep design is inspired by specific cloud formations + types of mountain goats, and the forest dog combines multiple dog breeds as well as the flowers found on “dogwood” trees.

The goal of this project was also to improve my own understanding of character design and its process. This also branches off from my fall semester project, which was also based around the development of 3 characters.