Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Yue Hou Graphic Design

Future Nursing Home

Character Design
Interface Design

In our present century, because of radical changes to work, lifestyles, aesthetics and the development of new technologies, the younger generation are developing many new physical, social and psychological habits. These may be related to the use of digital devices, new types of foods, body modification, exercising and socializing tools. A seemingly ordinary habit does not have any bad side effects at the beginning. However, if young people stick to these habits for a long time (years or even decades) the result may be extremely marked. As time goes by, these new habits will leave marks on people’s bodies and reshape the human form in interesting ways. Because these new habits did not exist for previous generations, nobody really knows what the physiological outcome will be as people get old.

“Future Nursing Home” as an experimental organization for people to live in the future. According to my research, I will imagine and then depict the appearance of people who have these “new habits” and the living environment inside of the “Future Nursing Home”. The final deliverables consist of a visual identity for the brand called “Future Nursing Home”, a series of illustrations, posters, an interactive website, two sets of clothes and other wearable items. It is still an ongoing project. As I planned at the beginning of the semester, I will make a hundred pages book maybe during the summer. The purpose of my project is to to provide viewers with several ways to experience and understand this serious issue in a playful and more acceptable way.