Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Yiying Zhou Graphic Design


Character Design
Cultural Heritage
Education Design
Game Design
Unity Games

A quick game to rise tourists’ awareness to protect cultural relics.

With the rapid development of tourism industry, the native environment of cultural relics is being squeezed constantly. Mean­while, under the economic interests, cultural relics protection and heritage tourism contradictions continue to intensify, while the conservation and delivery of the culture needs to keep a balance between them.

To help preserve the gardens, a new approach of travelling should be sought. I’m going to design a game which is aimed to help preserve the Classical Gardens of Suzhou, utilizing the latest technology of online travelling for reaching a broader audience, and create a type of interactive studying experience that is not only pleasurable, but also educational for users, so people could realize the values of the cultural heritage and learn how to protect them.

The approach of virtual travelling is to Between Cultural Relics Protection and Heritage Tourism. The purpose of the game is to help preserve the cultural heritage, while learning more about the cultural heritage is the prerequisite for rising awareness of cultural relics protection. Games could provide more engagement for users to continuing the learning process, like the levelling up provide a sense of progression and personal growth for the player. This process gives a great sense of achievement when completing, and provides a justification for the time invested in playing the game. In doing so, I hope fuel additional engagement with the game, while learning historical knowlegdes and gain the awareness to protect those cultural relics.