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Extended Habitat- Secret Garden

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Extended Habitat
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Secret Garden
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There are some cyberpunk films released these years. Ready Player One 2018, Blade Runner 2049 2017, Alita: Battle Angel 2019 are three films that impressed me a lot. The city views depicted in these movies have many similarities: high-density living space, lack of green plants, air pollution… The advancing technologies seem not to improve the quality of lives but only increase people’s tolerance to the bad quality of life quality. I cannot stop thinking about what the cities in the future would be like?

When we are looking around our apartment, it is messy or cleaning, crowded or spacious. During the Covid-19 pandemic, people were trapped in their houses and isolated from other people. When we can get our past, our living style is rife with uncertainty. Maybe a new pandemic will happen someday in the future. Extended Habitat rethinking our relationship with our living space and exploring possible ways to extend the space around us.

I used three projects to explore my thesis topic: Extended Habitat

Project 1: Dream as Free Land | Project 2: Secret Garden | Project 3: Window Reverie

In this page, I will focus on my second project Secret Garden. For other projects, please visit

Secret Garden:

Because of lacking gardening space in high-density neighborhoods, people may don't have the ability to build a real garden. Also, lots of products like Zoom, Ring Fitness (fitness game), and DoorDash make people stay more comfortable in their apartment but prevent people from getting outdoors. The light sources like lamps in our home do not have UV light like the sunlight, so it cannot prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder (Winter Depression). Secret Garden provides a virtual space for people who live in the city to relax and recover. It also encourages people to go out and building virtual gardens at the same time.