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Sex Beducation

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When it comes to sex, Asians tend to take the ‘silent’ approach to the subject. Asian cultures tend to value deference, restraint, and saving face. There are some things that are simply kept private, and sex is one of those things. Sex is viewed as a taboo subject, even in jokes, not talked about openly for fear of being branded ‘dirty,’ or morally corrupt even into adulthood. Most Asian parents are traditional and they have the mindset of no sex before marriage; where sex is bad and talking about it makes you promiscuous. Parents and elders believed that Asian men and women wouldn’t need to know about ‘safe sex’ and what not to do. Not teaching children about sex means they won’t have sex, but the evidence shows that the reverse is true.

Sexuality is a natural and healthy part of being human.

Effective sex education needs to reach young people before they become sexually active. We need to break the norms and taboos that silence these conversations and replace them with a safe and communicative climate surrounding sex. It may not be an easy journey, these problems aren’t going to go away simply by talking about them, but it’s a good start. Today it may just be a conversation, but someday maybe we’ll reach a point where sex scenes can be viewed without awkward tension or disruptive comments.

I have created a collective to make sex ed less awkward.