Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Stina Campbell Illustration

From Water Came Singing

Character Design
Concept Art
Original Concept
Prop Design

This semester I created concept art for a story in its infancy and allowed myself to put a larger emphasis on pieces of design I enjoy creating, such as fashion, moods in environments, and objects. Usually I have a larger focus on writing before producing, but I wanted to alter the process by letting my art influence my writing as well. Also, I wanted to write tidbits of worldbuilding and design choices to go along with the assets. The final product is delivered in a digital booklet.

The story centers around a sizable town that realized a new god had entered their domain. After they had clearly demonstrated their power over the town, the citizens move to try and appease them, to find a way of worship that pleases them. However, they cannot figure out how they want to be loved, leading to a long stagnation over a century. That is, until a lonely woman starts speaking to them through no prayer, but as one would another human.