Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Shannon Krieg Illustration

The Firebird

Character Design
Concept Art

I’ve chosen to develop the world of The Tale of Ivan Tsarevich, the Firebird, and the Grey Wolf and adapt it for a modern audience. By exploring this story, I’m setting out to depict unique character designs influenced by a variety of Russian costuming, varying environments from mysterious birch forests to warm gardens, unique animal designs for the Grey Wolf and the Firebird, and the character interactions within narrative graphic novel pages. The use of a Webtoon format was chosen due to the accessibility of the comic website.

Outside of the technical work of my thesis, I’m excited to adapt a Russian fairytale due to the opportunities to update themes within the story. I want to introduce a same-sex relationship into the story as LGBT narratives are often restricted in Russia. This inclusion will also allow for an audience to identify with the characters and story at a more personal level rather than the original text which was more event based. Alongside this update, I want to give the Princess of the story of a more overall presence within my thesis by giving her a backstory and new personality. By altering her character to have the ability to transform into the titular Firebird, the Princess has more authority within her own journey.

Overall, I do not want to limit my work to be in a singular format, rather, I want to create a body of work that supports each other to tell a narrative collectively.