Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Romario “Romeo” N. Herrera Lopez Illustration

Knight of the Rising Stars

Character Design
Fine Art

The concept of this comic series is one that has been in development since , following the characters from the year . It sees them collect allies and enemies whose abilities rang from supernatural to technological advanced, as well as exploring different cultural and religious aspects that have influenced many of the characters who appear later within the series.

As such, I have researched different kinds of myths, lore, and facts about our universe to better develop the world they inhabit. I have also taken many writing classes to better create characters and settings for the story. The protagonist Roza is of Mexican descent and has many connections to Mesoamerican mythology and an urban upbringing that influences his character.

With a project like this, having so many factors within its development, it is certain to say that I will continue to work on this series long after I have graduated. It took about ten years to develop this story and my skill as an illustrator/writer to the point of creating the first chapter. So I will continue to grow as I complete this story to its final chapter.