Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Peg Smith Graphic Design

Product of the Internet

Data Privacy
Generative Design
Interface Design
Internet Culture
Social Media

My thesis, Product of the Internet, is centered around the relationship that we have with the internet and our digital devices. This body of work sits at the intersection of data privacy, search history, and identity. Search engines, websites, and social media platforms all learn preferences and interactions that help them keep users online. How much of ourselves do we openly give to these platforms without notice, and at what expense does this expose our privacy? I structured my thesis projects on creating quick, generative, and archival explorations on various facets of online life. As we become increasingly integrated with technology and the internet, it is crucial to analyze the effects and consequences of using these information systems for everything we do, giving us everything we can imagine, but at a cost. What’s the line between the good and bad of the internet? This is explored by investigating the language computers use, exploring how we are seen as products by our computers and devices, and defining the latent separation between us and these technologies.