Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Lorenzo Cecchini Advertising Art Direction

il Corso Infinito

Character Design
Concept Art
Fine Art
Global Context
Identity Design
Product Design

Beginning with the question of (what) to create - I chose a limited Apparel Collection, in order to tie my passions for Fashion Design with Branding Communications. Throughout my Contextual Research, I came to the conclusion that Modern Industry’s Restrictive Manufacturing choices put Our Natural World in Danger, as the commodification of Design + Media into Temporary, Disposable objects has stimulated a course of infinite consumption. Looking into the damaging effects of the resources used to create clothing, novel responses to creating clothing from preexisting resources, as well as the psychological effects of an infinite consumer cycle.

I aspired to create a Combative Response to this Status Quo by designing a collection, which would flexibly respond through its Materiality + Design, giving the consumer the choice + interaction to order silhouettes from specifically conscious materials.

The name, il Corso Infinito, translates to “the infinite race”, providing additional commentary on; the infinite course of a material (energy) in its cycle of existence, the infinite consumption cycle stimulated by Modern Capitalism, + the path of an artist to create without end.