Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Julia Rothstein Illustration

Seed/Strain Packet Illustrations

Digital Product Design
Illustrated Type
Product Design
Psychedelic Art
Type Design

Hello! My name is Julia Rothstein! I have worked hard these past four years to develop some sort of visual language in my work that felt comfortable to me as well as unique and exciting. While I am overjoyed with my progress as a young illustrator so far, I feel like every ounce of progress I make opens several doors to new ideas which I can’t wait to explore in future work.

I’ve often noticed how generic and similar most seed packet designs are. Clear and to the point, but lacking a certain artistry that many other types of packaging poses. Similarly, the growing industry of legalized marijuana is producing package designs that are somewhat generic and leaning away from the psychedelic nature that so many associate with marijuana consumption. I felt like my personal visual language was the perfect tool to both spice up the boring old seed packet design, and bring some psychedelia back into the marijuana packages.