Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Jie Lu Graphic Design

Virtual Office

UX design

The starting point of my project is the question: Why don’t we want to go to work? I found that in this fast-developing society, many people are beginning to resist work.

As my investigation deepened, I focused my attention on those who were working in the company but began to resist work. For these people who are working but have a feeling of resistance to work, the psychological term to describe this emotional state is job burnout. Job burnout was first proposed by psychologist Herbert J. Freudenberger in . Although the phenomenon of job burnout was raised very early, it was not until that this psychological problem was officially recognized as a disease by the WHO. In other words, most people who are experiencing job burnout may not understand the mental state they are experiencing, and thus are helpless.

Virtual Office is an app designed for office people. During the research, I found that nearly 80% of people have once experienced burnout issues during work. And the working environment is one of the deciding factors that is constantly influencing office workers’ mental states. Also, because of the pandemic, more and more people are now working from home and meeting colleagues through video calls. However, while people are enduring loneliness, exposing faces in front of the cameras for a long time can also be exhausting. So this is a thesis project researching work pressure and burnout issues, and trying to give these social problems a designer’s response.