Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Jeahun Jung Illustration

Happiness A-Z


We value and cherish Happiness, we want to be happy. Especially on social media everyone shows that they are happy.

COVID made us redefine the definition of happiness. For example, we started cherishing daily mundane activities much more than before. Especially daily human interaction was taken for granted before. Now after zoom class, by turning the computer off, we easily lose connection.

That is why I decided to make my thesis a series of illustrations portraying happiness.

It presents many different types of happiness. We are seeing the world from our own perspective, but happiness is a relative objection. Famous anthropologist Yuval Harari in his talk at Google New Religions of the 21st Century talks about liberalism. He talks about the appeal of Marcel Duchamp’s fountain and adds that “if you are liberal you will reach the conclusion that art is whatever I define to be art” the highest authority who defines and decides is us. Hence, the value of happiness depends on the person. For example, for people with a disability, happiness could be completely different.

Since the pandemic started, we are facing a flatten world through monitors and computer screens. Which led to adding a gimmick on the illustration. Coding (CSS and JavaScript) was used to make illustrations with depth. By using the gyroscope function in devices we use everyday, the illustrations are able to bring interaction and 3 dimensions to the flat screen.