Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Isabella (Isa) Carannante Graphic Design

A Redesign of the FreeStyle Libre Experience

Diabetes Awareness
Identity Design
Medical Design
Product Design
Social Advocacy

For my project, I am exploring and responding to the societal misconceptions and negative connotations surrounding diabetes. People often believe diabetes to be caused by eating too much sugar or being overweight. Thus, it is typically seen as a self-inflicted disease, garnering little to no sympathy or understanding towards those with diabetes. In reality, diabetes can have a plethora of causes, many that are out of the individual’s control (i.e. genetics). There is just a common lack of education and awareness surrounding the many facets of diabetes, which I would like to counter in my thesis.

Additionally, I will principally be focusing on glucose monitors, more specifically the FreeStyle Libre, which is a white, round sensor that is inserted in the back of the arm for two weeks at a time. I will be exploring ways in which to design a FreeStyle Libre to be more inclusive, functional, and aesthetic. This will involve a redesign of the FreeStyle Libre experience, including a rebrand, options and a platform for customizing the device, and a variety of practical accessories. By doing so, I hope to further eliminate the stigma surrounding diabetes by making the glucose monitor something to embrace, rather than hide.