Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Fanqi (Judy) Dai Graphic Design

Exploring Myopic Experience

Type Design

Myopia, or nearsightedness, becomes one of the most common refractive errors worldwide. Although the myopic sight is not clear and precise, being nearsighted does not mean complete helplessness and inconvenience. In its way, the blurry myopic sight provides either poetic or romantic experiences, or even something else to some extent. But the myopic experience is relatively private - it is personal to one with myopia. Other nearsighted people may understand this experience, but it can be foreign to people without myopia. How can I help the public better understand the myopic experience in a more engaging way? Besides the blurry vision, what is something else that the myopic eyes may experience?

Responding to my observations, this project does not provide a solution to solve the world’s increasing myopia trend. However, it explores the possibilities of presenting a thoughtful interpretation of myopic experience through a graphic design lens. To get inspiration, I did several physical and digital experiments to recreate the myopic experience. For the final deliverables, a set of static and dynamic posters are designed to reflect the more personal myopic experience. The content of posters comes from a mixture of interview replies, project experiments, and my personal myopic experience.

The project explores designs that are not constrained by the default perspective: not based on the clear and acute sight, but the blurred out-of-focus experience. Starting with an unusual viewpoint usually leads to more interesting and unexpected design deliverables. Through these results, the myopic experience may be familiar to more people and lead to a rise of awareness of the developing myopia trend.