Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Emily Zhang Graphic Design


Identity Design

Youth mental health is worsening. In the past decade, mental illness has risen by almost 50% in the United States and there has been a 1.5 million increase in mental illness reports since last year. Reasons for this increase include stigma and our transition to spending more time digitally since . With this in mind, u&i is a toolkit dedicated to help young teens with their mental wellness and promotes that teens are not alone in their wellness journeys, that each journey is unique, and pushes the importance in talking about mental health. The toolkit primarily exists as a physical entity to allow teens to take a break and destress from the digital world and consists of a reflection journal set, conversation cards, a meditative puzzle, and a fidget toy–tools that allow a hands-on and conversational experience away from screens. The toolkit is ordered from the u&i website and the tools can be customized to the teens' liking and interests. In addition, the website includes free resources including a digital, printable version of the toolkit, downloadable meditative videos, and important information regarding mental health.