Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Emily Gobo Illustration


Character Design
Education Design
Environmental Graphics

Growing up in Florida, I was constantly surrounded by invasive species of animals. From the small Brown Anole to the gigantic Burmese Pythons, Florida is one of the largest hotspots for invasive animal species. Naturally I became very interested in the subject which allowed me to do extensive amounts of research of the different types of invasive animal species. For my thesis I thought it was appropriate to utilize my research and format it into an illustrative book centering around invasive animal species from around the world. I chose this route due to there being very few illustrative books involving invasive animal species. The book would be in a square format consisting of twelve illustrative pages detailing the raccoons’ story. I decided to format my thesis as a book since I found it to be an efficient way to depict the events regarding raccoons in Japan. In particular, I chose to focus on raccoons invading Japan because I found their story to be both interesting and unique. Throughout the book I tell the story of how raccoons were brought to Japan, the damage they caused, and what actions Japan is taking against them. My goal for my thesis is to provide education for people who are unaware of these invasive animals and to show how damaging they can really be. I hope to not only fulfill this niche by informing the general public about the dangers of these invasive animals but to also get people interested in these animals as I am.