Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Denis Afanasyev Graphic Design

West Designs East

Cyrillic Alphabet
Russian Design
Type Design

Graphic Design has drifted away from art and towards the realm of corporate being. Branding is constantly searching for the “new” and “unique” identity in order to attract and evoke their audiences. When you think of a brand, and it’s visual appearane, you might perhaps assosiate it with American market. These Western rule-based principles for design and its progression seem to dominate the visual world that allows for the Eastern visual auras to go unnoticed and unappreciated. I want to explore the modern graphic design through both lenses, and why they differ to such an extent. Through the lense of Google, Russian design is still associated with communist propoganda that does not include its modern approach. Focusing on the opportunities that the cyrilic and latin alphabets present, as well as how their compositions express information, I will create a a formal comparisson between the two most distinct perceptions of Graphic Design with the inclusion of personal experiences.