Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Danni Qu Illustration

Land der Heilung

Character Design
Concept Art
Digital Accessibility
Environmental Graphics
Mental Health

Lack of understanding of what the digital environment can do to one’s mental health is detrimental. Many spaces where information is presented and processed in our digital world is mindless. My thesis aims at providing a positive space to help cope with that certain digital void. To push the boundaries, I gamified an experience by creating a series of illustrated assets that are to be used for creative coding. I wanted to harmonize my interests of human-computer interaction and my strong sense of mental health advocacy to create a digitally natural environment for everyone.

My thesis reflects the interests I’ve found in my courses and involvements: digital accessibility and mental health. Through creating a fictional world, I aim to hold a space where time stops to allow for digitally therapeutic experiences. I want to make aware of the type of disconnection one often feels during daily digitized interactions. This project is a jump start to a website that is at the time of this writing, not online. In the near future, it will be online or “open” 24/7, similar to how the internet is always available to access. The online site will guide one to make certain decisions through artistic and poetic renditions. This project is another approach to the way we currently access information, with inspirations from how we can break traditional methods of storytelling, digital accessibility, and mental health wellbeing.