Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Congyuan Lu Graphic Design

Tales of Wall

Climate Change
Concept Art
Identity Design

Considering the wall has so many variations in almost every different location, I was intrigued by this idea: “Is it possible to use the wall as a unique perspective or some sort of spectating device for understanding the community and the culture which are enclosed by it?”

As the research of the Gold Brick for instance, which is a type of brick native to my region, has been percolated, it becomes conspicuous that the outcomes, in a way which is similar to the debris of the tea divination, has revealed my thinking pattern and roughed out my identity, including what distinguishes me from others, my personality, cultural and religious background, etc.

The wall as well as its smallest unit, brick, therefore has been developed into a transiting and communicating medium for me to explore really who I am, and my documentations of the new discoveries and experiments of making brick by means of digging, trampling, kneading, and firing will then reeducate me is the meaning of living on this land and what this living style has provided me with; at the same time reconnect me with the once ambiguous concept of homeland.These abstract descriptive phrases and words become more vivid and tangible, as the black soil laying in the vegetable field is transformed into red and hard bricks.