Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Amber Liu Graphic Design

preserving sentiment

Editorial Design
Publication Design
Social Media

My observation lies in the act of preservation, particularly preserving sentiment. Through the millions of individual experiences we go through everyday, we employ different methods to filter which ones to preserve followed by different modes to store those memories.

My personal filtration system relies heavily on the attached sentiment and emotion, with methods I use to preserve those emotions ranging from creating collages and organizing archives to collecting mementos, and taking pictures. However I must ask myself where my threshold of sentiment lies? What do I preserve in the everyday and how do I preserve the everyday?

I also tend to wonder about other people’s practices and how they place value on things that are part of their day. Do my practices differ from others? What constitutes important and valuable things of our day? With the plethora of objects, both physical and digital, that we interact with constantly, do we ever take the time to reflect and appreciate what worth they have?

These questions will be represented through archival curations, designed collection and form creation to highlight the variety that exists within sentimentality preservation.

To choose how and what emotion to preserve in each object is a subjective process, however its subjectivity is what gives it value. There is a vast difference in the amount of sentiment present in an object if it is looked at through a private or a public lens, and that personalized characteristic should not be overlooked.Our lived experiences and emotions belong to us and we must decide not only how much is enough to keep but also how they should be kept.