Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Ali Jiang Illustration

“Fyllaka” Design Works

Character Design
Publication Design

My thesis project is a collection of works of my fictional world “Fyllaka,” and it takes form as a book, including design and artworks of objects, characters, and scenes.

I have been creating characters and imagining the world they live in since I was in middle school. The inspirations come from various books, comics, games, movies, and animations I have seen. Through this project, I want to make my imaginary world alive.

Fyllaka consists of seven races, which is a result of my interest in fantasy creatures. It is separated into three realms: heaven realm, earth realm, and dark realm. Heaven realm is known as “the sacred realm,” where Elyhera (aka angels) comes from. Humans share the earth realm with many other races, including siren, elves, cipres (animals or plants that are able to take human form with some distinguishable traits), dragons, and dwarves. Dark realm is an abyss, where Svyyta (aka demons) are bred. The conflict between light and dark factions has lasted for a long time, and sorcery, ability, and weapons are the three most common ways residents rely on fights.

The project only shows a glimpse of this fantasy world, and I would like to continue building on it. By using words and images, I hope I can tell the story in my mind.